Case Study – Rise Resourcing

Using a CRM to create order and efficiency

We talked with Rise about the importance of the CRM as a management tool for the whole team.

Moving from an Old Cumbersome CRM

Rise is a retail and FMCG recruitment and marketing agency, operating nationwide. Their previous CRM was slow, inflexible and difficult to use for managerial purposes.


Our old CRM made staying on top of roles and interviews quite tricky — not least because of the number of clicks it took to do anything. Searching was complicated and slow, and data entry was taking up too much of our time.

Name: Rise Resourcing
Type: Permanent recruitment
Sector: Retail and FMCG

Creating Structure with Octavia

Rise needed an intuitive CRM that offered a level of organisation as sophisticated as the rest of their business. Rise switched to Octavia in 2016, and the new system helped to improve their overall efficiency and enabled the entire team to stay in sync.


Staying organised is so important in recruitment – it means the difference between making or losing a placement. Octavia's workflows keep everybody on the same page. We all know, with a single glance, who has been contacted and who still needs contacting.


Data migration is a common pitfall for many agencies when switching systems, so a smooth transfer of Rise's large database was imperative. Our experienced team was with Rise every step of the way to ensure the smooth integration of data.


The data migration process was impeccable, and the system was so user friendly we didn't need a lot of help. Whenever we did, the Octavia team were on hand for friendly, quick guidance.


Working with Octavia has been a great decision – the product has helped the business and the Octavia team has been extremely supportive


Running Efficiently

Rise have been using Octavia to stay organised and increase their operational efficiency.


Using Octavia has made our business even more efficient. Everyone understands how it works and they love to use the new tools we have access to — they are quickly becoming an integral part of our business. We also love the fact that when we give feedback, we see changes implemented because of it.

Did you know?
Octavia offers a free simple migration service for all our customers and never charges you to retrieve your own data. Click to find out more: